WA12 Radio is our very own community radio station running 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. We broadcast live over the internet as well as having the ability to pre-record shows to air at a later date. We have presenters as young as 10 years old and the project enables people of all ages to build their confidence, learn new skills and increase their communication skills. Some of our presenters have started with no experience and with the support of the team they are now presenting their own shows and getting involved in outside broadcasts. The station promotes local community events and regularly teams up with other projects and organisations to support the community. To be part of the radio station all you need is a passion, whether thats for presenting or in other areas such as marketing, IT or event coordination. 

Our Drugs and Alcohol awareness course starts in September. It will be a 12 week course aiming to help young people of high school age to understand the effects of drugs and alcohol use.  Using fun and interactive methods we will teach the young people taking part in the course how to address issues they may face. Working with the local PCSOs during the project we will give them practical and useful advice on how to approach these situations. This will include a full day crime and punishment experience visit to the police museum.Throughout the project the young people will learn how to make positive changes and our volunteers will provide them with support and signpost, if needed. They will encourage them to play an active role in their community and youth club.  All young people who complete the entire 12 week course will be rewarded with a certificate and a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. 

Our FuturePoof Program with UK Youth will be starting in September. We will be aiming to create safe spaces to support young people build life skills, cope with uncertainty and engage them with education, volunteering opportunities and employment. We will be guiding 20 young people through their Bronze, Silver or gold achievement awards. 

The staff of Costco have supported our Homework Club for 12 months. We provide quiet spaces to our members to enable them to complete their homework and receive help and support from our dedicated volunteers should they need it.

the session runs Mondays 4-5.30pm and is open to any member aged 8-17

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